I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my career over the years and about my path from junior developer to senior software engineer. There isn’t one single path for progression amongst software developers. Sometimes the end goal wasn’t even a goal and just happened. Sometimes it’s something the dev has been striving for since they started coding.

In this article, I’m going to try to articulate the four most common types of Senior Software Engineers that I’ve noticed over time. This list isn’t particularly exhaustive, but it might be sufficient to categorize everyone. Some may fit into multiple categories as…


Journey with me, back to my childhood in the 90s. It was common at my elementary school for teachers to group students into four-desk clumps forming a square. The idea was to foster an environment of open communication and collaboration. This was great for some students and not so great for others. Fast forward a few years and I found that my university courses regularly assigned group projects where the students were expected to be self-organizing and autonomous. This usually resulted in an initial meeting, and then one person doing the lion’s share of the work while the rest lazed…

In a recent interview I was asked which text editor I preferred most. This was in the context of a linux shell dev environment. I knew exactly the answer they wanted to hear, but I couldn’t fake my way through that so I told them the truth, which is that my go-to text editor when remoting into linux boxes is, and always has been, nano.

Now, I know what you’re thinking and yes I was just as ashamed as you would expect me to be to have to announce to this potential future employer that I was using nano instead…

Trevyn Mace

Software developer constantly trying to learn more. Currently developing Android apps using Kotlin.

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